Shopify Expert Services

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners create businesses that last. Our team of experts have a deep understanding of the Shopify platform and the tools it provides to increase efficiency, optimize business processes and create long-term success. 

Our Services

We provide our clients with the resources and guidance they need to make the most of the Shopify platform, from customizing templates to integrating third-party applications. We strive to help our clients create a business for longevity, and reduce the amount of effort and time needed to run their store. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners make the most of their Shopify stores and create lasting success.

Hourly Hire

We specialize in helping Shopify Store owners complete tasks in their store quickly and effectively. Our team of experienced professionals are available to assist with everything from inventory management to SEO optimization.

"Finish my Store" Service

You started your new shop but have no idea if its setup for your new customers and you can't seem to tackle the theme

"Finish my Theme" Service

Its the last leg in launching your Shopify store but you have no idea how to make it look professional.

Audit my Store

You tackled the launching of your store but your noticing that its not performing the best - even with paid ads

SEO Service

Optimizing your store and products for organic search is the way to build longevity into your business.We take care of the research and implementation for you

Shopify Store Manager

This is a monthly service that takes care of the maintenance of your store including order fulfillment.

Redesign and Optimization

Ready to launch your brands new facelift and upgrade to the online store 2.0 functionalities? Ready to show up in Search results bringing in sales organically?

Digital Marketing

Our agency takes care of your digital marketing tasks such as strategy plans, content calendars, and campaign creation.

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