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Social Media Marketing

Our agency takes care of your social media tasks such as social strategy plans, content calendars, and post creation. As certified social media marketers, we are well-versed in helping business owners utilize social media to generate sales and leads. Online and eCommerce businesses are meant to prosper on the right social media platform. We will work with your business by:

  1. Developing goals for successful social campaigns
  2. Identifying Key Performance Indicators to ensure we are tracking the correct success measurement
  3. Mapping out your customer journey to ensure your posts help drive conversions to what you are offering
  4. Creating a content calendar, graphics, and stories for your business

Work with us

  • Full-service social media marketing
  • Strategy and content calendar for you to implement

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the top ROI in business. If you aren’t utilizing it in your business, now is the time. Working with our agency, we will find the best platform for your business to gather leads and set up automation sequences to continuously market your business. With email marketing services, we will:

    1. Create essential campaigns, automation sequences, and segmentations to market the correct message at the right time.
    2. Create branded email campaign templates
    3. Create email and SMS campaign strategy
    4. Run A/B tests for campaigns 
    5. Provide your business with an easy-to-understand report for the success of your campaigns

Work with us

    • Full-service email marketing service
    • Strategy and calendar for you to implement

Online Presence, Strategy and Implementation

 Your online presence is essential to finding customers outside of your realm of impact. Getting started with social media and search engines is a great way to reach those customers. For our online presence strategy, we focus on:

    1. Setting up your online pages from Google Business to social media
    2. Developing social post templates that you can use to create graphics to share on your new pages
    3. A 90-Day calendar is provided based on your goals for the upcoming quarter

Work with Us

  • A sample calendar and training on posts to get you started


No matter how far along your business is with its online sales, you need to utilize analytics to see how well the different aspects of your business are doing. No matter what you sell, you should know your numbers. Every marketing piece has accompanying numbers to tell you how they are performing. We focus on:

    1. Installing tracking pixels on your website and social media platforms
    2. Creating easy-to-understand reports and analyses for your traffic
    3. Determining if you are on track to reaching your goals for the month/quarter/year
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