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Business Strategy

I. Visionary Strategy Call

This helps get clear on what you envision your business would look like if you had systems and team members in place working on your business while you are taking care of your clients and customers.

We break down the organization that you need to function as the visionary in your business so you can start preparing yourself for the move to CEOs. Then, we build out your systems and implement them to start having your workload decrease. 

This also allows you to be able to identify additional revenue streams to allow some hiring wiggle room.

II. CEO Jumpstart

The CEO jumpstart is built specifically for CEOs like you who have a business vision, but lack the plan that brings it to life.

Using your goals, we map out a 12-month plan for you to work. Then, we gather all the necessary steps from your strategic plan into a project management tool. This includes assigning tasks to your team,  adding due dates, and implementing accountability check-ins to ensure you are on track to success

III. Signature CEO Service

This is a 90-day commitment to your business, using the strategy roadmap and implementation kickstart plan. We will begin to put your business on the path to success without the stress. This plan allows you to work in your area of purpose instead of working on building out your CEO systems and automations. We work on your content management, social media scheduling, email marketing, and online presence while training you on how to stay consistent after our time together. We find areas where you are able to batch and delegate tasks while ensuring the correct tools are working for you. This allows you to focus on your customers and clients.

We ideally work with creatives, eCommerce store owners, and service providers that due to the lack of systems, their profit is non-existent.

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