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We are Jess Unlimited

A few words about us

Built for CEO's

We work with your entire business ecosystem, not just launching

We think differently…

We focus on your business as a whole, your website feeds into your social media, and your content feeds into your overall marketing strategy. 

Who We Work With

We work with many different industries of business owners, but we specialize in blogs, local businesses, eCommerce, and service-based businesses. 

Primarily, we look to work with businesses that have a solid idea of what they are working towards. and what they offer.  We also look to work with businesses who have generated some traffic to their existing website, store, or social media platforms.

What makes us different

4x4 Matrix

The success of your business depends on its four fundamental factors: Strategy, Design, Systems and Traffic.

We call it our 4×4 matrix.

What is so special about our signature 4×4 matrix?​

Each piece is completely dependent on another part and each section feeds into the success of your vision. Building your online business with it in mind allows you to build an organic traffic-building machine, even if you decide to buy paid ads to promote. It will do a lot of the work for you.

In order to collect lead information, you need to have somewhere for them to go.

In order to sell products, you need to have a place to take payment information and keep track of sales.

In order to sign on new clients, you need to have an onboarding system that does not miss steps. 

This is why it is important to have all the pieces in your business working together in an ecosystem that is geared towards automation and sales.

The 4x4 Matrix

Component 1: Strategy (knowing where you are going)

  • Generating SMART goal for your business based on where you want to be
  • Knowing where you are now
  • Knowing what it takes and the road to accomplish your goals

This can be a baseline analytic report that details where you are starting, a pre-launch strategy that lists the steps you need to complete before launching, and a task management tool to keep everyone on the right path.

Component 2: Design

Design flows through every part of your business from the stationary you send out to your customers, to the tape on the boxes of your orders. Your brand is more than the design of your website, It is the entire visual ecosystem of your online presence. When someone comes across your Instagram page, the look and feel should match your website and Youtube page. 

Design also looks like:

  • Setting up website and email platforms to help your business run efficiently 
  • Having a website that is branded and set up for the goals set forth in the strategy. This could include landing pages that take a customer’s contact information.
  • Designing email templates that can be reused for on-going automations and campaigns
  • Creating social media templates for posts, reels, and stories that match your brand

Component 3: Systems

Systems make the world go around, and if you aren’t setting them up to run your business, you are doing yourself an injustice. Systems help maketime, make sure all steps of the process are completed, and allow it all to run without you. Eventually,, you will get to the point where you need to take yourself out of the process. It makes the hand-off extremely easy when it’s already set up and documented. Some examples of systems in your business could look like:

    • Adding a welcome series to inform new potential customers and clients about your business and what it offers
    • Building a Freebie funnel that leads to a paid offering
    • Setting up a chatbot to engage with visitors that saves contact information for a more personalized experience during follow up
    • Client or customer onboarding system
    • Building evergreen funnels that bring in leads and sales automatically
    • Organizing your content calendar with a task management tool
    • Building policies and procedures for customers and your internal team

Component 4: Traffic

Without traffic, your business won’t survive. If eyes are not landing on your website or social media, you can’t convert to make sales or connections. When building your business for success, traffic should always be the goal. Returning or new, it helps to keep reaching ideal customers 

Some examples of increasing traffic could include:

  • Optimizing your website, social media, and blog content to bring in organic traffic
  • Setting up Google Business tools to reach your customers easily
  • Optimizing your service pages for local customers to find you
  • Scheduling posts via social media platforms to drive traffic to the solutions on your site
  • Building a 30/60/90 launch plan for new campaigns
  • Monitoring your inbound links for features
  • Setting up paid ads for incoming traffic to dedicated landing pages
  • That completes the 4 components of the 4×4 matrix. By now, you should be able to see how the different portions work together to help you gain ground in your business. Now, how can we help?

That completes the 4 components of the 4×4 matrix. By now, you should be able to see how the different portions work together to help you gain ground in your business. 

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