Launch on your schedule

In this one-day service, our team will input your branding, colors, copy and images into the website template/ platform x of your choice

A Site Setup is perfect for...

You don’t have the time

You have a million things to do and you really don’t have the time to launch

You are non-techie

Technology isn’t your friend and you need help getting it done without the bouts of frustration

You need to launch quickly

Your website but its just been moved to the Important- Urgent part of your todo list

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How it works

1. Select your template and platform

Choose a template listed on your chosen platform. If you need help choosing, please let us know when booking and we will help you choose

2. Book your Site Setup

Use the button to the left to access our scheduling calendar and book your 30-minute strategy call. The day you schedule your call will also be the day of your setup, so please have book with enough time to gather your required items

3. Gather Your Content

We will contact you before your scheduled call to gather everything we’ll need including your existing branding, colors, copy and images, etc

4. Get Started

On the day of your scheduled site setup for the time scheduled, join the 1:1 call to kickoff your project 

We will spend the full day finishing your website and you will need to be available to give quick feedback before the end of the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will implement your branding assets into the template but we will not complete any code changes.

No we will complete your entire platform setup including settings, email templates and theme.

In general, before your scheduled call, you will need to have the following items added to your designated Dropbox folder:

  • Your logo files
  • Any exsiting branding elements such as color pallette (or sample of colors)
  • All the images you want
  • Brand Board (If applicable) 
  • Brand Guidelines (If applicable) 

We work quickly and efficiently to get the setup complete. However, if you have submitted additional requests beyond the project scope or if you have delayed feedback, we can schedule a couple hours to complete the additional work at an hourly rate 

Availability: Now Booking for 2024
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